Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tibet Travel Org CITS Announces Popular Tibetan Festivals 2014

With the crest visitor season drawing close, Tibet Travel Org CITS advertises the dates for prominent Tibetan celebrations in 2014, which will hugely help the individuals who plan to visit Tibet not long from now.

Summer and harvest time are generally recognized as the best time to visit Tibet. Explorers can delight in wonderful regular landscape, as well as have numerous chances to celebrate customary celebrations with locals. The accompanying celebrations are very prominent around sightseers at home and abroad.


It was recorded as a national impalpable legacy in 2008. The weeklong celebration is praised with rivalries of steed riding, yak hustling, horseback bows and arrows, wrestling, stone lifting, tug-of-war and people exhibitions. It is likewise an extraordinary chance for youngsters and young men to get to know one another.

2. Adventure Dawa Festival

Adventure Dawa is the most significant religious celebration in Tibet. It praises Buddha's introduction to the world, illumination and entrance into Nirvana at his passing. Tibetans accept that benefits of performing religious practices are duplicated on this celebration. Voyagers will see aggregations of pioneers adoring consecrated locales. As 2014 is the heavenly year of steed in Tibetan datebook, individuals will go to love holy mountains specifically, in the same way as Mount Kailash in western Tibet. It typically takes around a large portion of a month to do a Kailash tour.


As the seat of Panchen Lamas, Tashilunpo Monastery is a standout amongst the most huge religious communities in Tibet. Its three-day long Thangka Festival is not the same as those held somewhere else. Thangkas of three separate Buddhas, including Dipankara (Buddha of the Past), Shakyamuni (Buddha of the Present) and Maitreya (Buddha of the Future), are separately divulged every day.


Ganden Monastery is one of the top most amazing cloisters in Lhasa. On its Thangka celebration, 25 holiest relics that are normally bolted away are shown, joined by a terrific offering service. Many individuals go to love the cloister.


Nagchu Horse Festival held in right on time August is the most amazing occasion in northern Tibet. It draws in many travelers anxious to show off their horsemanship abilities, or exchange for devices and supplies. A couple of days before the celebration, many generally dressed Tibetans from diverse regions accumulate on Changtang Grassland. They set up their tents and hold up for the energizing minutes. The celebration characteristics stallion hustling, yak dashing, tug-of-war, rock-lifting, toxophilism shooting, Tibetan aggregation moving, Tibetan musical show and ware exchanging. The meadow likewise give guests its best landscape this season, so most visitors make a trip to Tibet in July and August.


Shoton Festival, a week-long occasion beginning on the most recent day of the sixth month in Tibetan datebook, is a standout amongst the most prominent celebrations in Tibet. Customarily, it was praised by consuming yogurt. About whether, the celebration festival has created to characteristic both religious customs and common diversions. It begins with unfolding a colossal bit of Thangka on the early morning of the first day at Drepung Monastery, took after by people exhibitions of Tibetan musical show, moving and singing, and yak/horse hustling.

7. Showering Festival

Tibetans accept that water between the sixth to the twelfth day of July in Tibetan datebook has a compelling mystery force to cure all sicknesses, for the holy star Venus shows up in the sky throughout the period. Hence, they go to streams to scrub down. It keeps up for an entire week, from morning till nighttime.

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